Friday, March 19, 2010


Today is allegedly March 19th. This means that it is the last day of Winter and more importantly, my Dad's birthday. I'm starting to wonder if it REALLY is March 19th though.

You see, today it is 72 degrees and so windy it seems more like West Texas. However, the temps tomorrow are going to plummet all day AND we are under a Winter Weather Advisory from 9 a.m. tomorrow until Sunday.

Seriously, snow on the first day of spring? I mean, snow, I love ya, but you need to know when you have worn out your welcome! It is TIME TO GO! If I had a pineapple, I would put it in your guestroom, so to speak (this is something they did in the old south. when guests saw the pineapple on display, they knew it was time to go!)

So allegedly, today we are suppose to be saying good-bye to Winter and Happy Birthday to my Dad!


The Cooper Family said...

Happy birthday to your dad! Are they celebrating at a show?

Scrappy Girl said...

I said goodbye to winter already...we are in Vegas for the is gorgeous!

Traci said...

I got your message after I got taken advantage of in a massage! I will give you a call tomorrow afternoon- or call me back! :)


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