Thursday, March 18, 2010


Today after court, Jennifer, Lisa and I went to Dallas Blooms down at the Dallas Arboretum. This was our outing to celebrate Lisa's birthday (which was last Friday). Here are a thousand photos, and I don't think they need much explanation, but I'll chime in from time to time...

I was really looking forward to seeing all the tulips, but for some reason when I got there, I was loving the daffodils!

blooms 1

These were so tiny! Love 'em!
blooms 2
This flowerbed reminds me of a creamsicle...
blooms 3
Jennifer, Lisa and Ferdinand the Bull
blooms 4
blooms 5
Flowers on the Oriental Magnolia...
blooms 6
Pink bliss...
blooms 7
Don't know this child...
She and her two sisters had matching skirts...
Love the skirts!
blooms 8
blooms 9
My favorite tulips of the day...
blooms 10
Creepy fish...
blooms 11
Camelias! Beautiful Camelias!
blooms 12
blooms 13
blooms 14
blooms 15
blooms 16
blooms 17
Love the ones above with the orange center and love the ones below that are like a double flower!
blooms 18
Oh! The California Poppies! Love CA Poppies!
blooms 19
Jennifer and Lisa
blooms 20
Me and Lisa
blooms 21
After the arboretum, we went to a burger joint down in Deep Ellum called Twisted Root Burger Company. It was super yummy! Then as we were leaving Twisted Root, I saw a tweet from Sprinkles Cupcakes that they were giving away a free cupcake of your choice to the first 25 people in the door with the secret password. So we hightailed it over to Sprinkles and got our free cupcakes. I got lemon, my favorite...Yummy again!

Then when I got home, I felt like my body has absorbed every drop of pollen from the arboretum today! Yuck!


Debra said...

Thank you for posting photos of such beautiful flowers. I keep going back to look and just called my hubby in to look too. I needed some cheering today and flowers do it to me.
We both laughed when we read your caption "creepy fish" as we have known people who pay $2000+ for one koi, but to each his own. I prefer flowers-;-)

Abby said...

I love dallas blooms. One of the things I miss the most! I have such cute pics of baby emery next to the flowers, little emery next to the flowers, little but bigger emery next to the flowers, then nothing! By the time we leave I am always an allergy mess but it's totally worth it!!

Ann said...

So beautiful!! Thanks for the pictures. Makes me want to drive to Dallas to see them.

Barbara said...

Kara, I love going to the Dallas Arboretum. I came by to say hello and to tell you that I have an blog list of Texas bloggers and would love for you to come and follow my blog.


The Cooper Family said...

How did I not know about Dallas blooms?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the armchair trip. Good job with the pictures. Glad yall had a great day. We are already dusing white with more to come. Meme


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