Friday, March 5, 2010

Last Weekend's Fun....Finally!

Since this has been the week of weeks, I'm finally getting around to blogging about my fun weekend in Austin/San Marcos.

On Friday, I went South and made a stop in Waco to visit a client at a children's home. After that I headed to Austin. When Abby & Brian arrived, we decided to head out to the original Chuy's. We got there at about 8:15 and were starving. Too bad everyone in Austin was there because we had to wait over an hour and fifteen minutes! Lots of chips. Lots of margaritas.

While waiting, we took photos...

chuys b&a

chuys k&a

On Saturday morning, Abby & I got up early and headed south to San Marcos for their fabulous outlet shopping. If you've never been, it is awesome. I mean, I have a pretty great outlet shopping mall about 5 minutes from my house, but San Marcos has all of that and more. They have really high end stuff like Fendi, Gucci, Kate Spade, Ferragamo, etc. (not that I hit up many of those stores!), but they also have awesome stuff like Restoration Hardware, Williams Sonoma and Pottery Barn. There are actually two outlet malls there and they are across the street from each other. The not so great side opened at 9 and the really good side opened at 10, so we hit up the one from 9 to 10 and then tackled the good side.

See, we were among the first there!abby outlet mall
Thankfully we were among the first there because we enjoyed about and hour and half of uncrowded shopping though Pottery Barn and Williams Sonoma. I honestly could have spent a fortune and 5 hours in that store! Then we started to notice that it was crazy crowded. Like no parking spaces were even open. I don't know what was going on there!
We did some light shopping!outlet shopping
We didn't get to shop for a super long time because we had to attend a party that night that started at 6. This was the whole purpose of the trip. Our friend from law school, Chris, had made partner at a big fancy schmancy law firm and they were celebrating. I hadn't seen Chris since his wedding 5 years ago.

Chris's wife Rachel making a speech (those are their two adorable kiddos)
party 1
Personalized cookies (that were yummy)
party 3
Table arrangements.
party 8
The crazy band, who progressively ended up in various states of undress (as you can see there) throughout the night. They were also a "country" band, but you would be listening along and realize they were singing Cyndi Lauper or Kelly Clarkson. It was nutso!
party 6
They had a guy rolling cigars...
party 7
Abby& Brian at the party...
party 2
Mark (a guy from law school), me and Abby...
party 5
Me, Chris (the guest of honor) and Abby...
party 4
Fun was had by all!


Abby said...

We had so much fun! We should road trip more often!!

Emilymud said...

Fun it does look like. Funny how I never see pics of Abby and Brian and here you have them...she never puts them on her own blog!

Traci said...

Kara, you look SO pretty! I would kill for your dimples and your curls. Looks like y'all bought out the outlet mall! I have been there before with friends and it's always fun.

That's my kind of party!

Scrappy Girl said...

Love Love Love the shopping! How FUN! Took me a minute to figure out what the cigar guy was


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