Monday, March 15, 2010


Give Me Liberty, or Give Me Death!~ Patrick Henry, 1775

This was my mantra as I was on a Target crusade this evening! I don't think that old Pat and I were talking about the same thing though...

liberty 2
I've been waiting on Liberty of London to come out at Target and was under the impression that it was still days away from coming out. However, sometime between Friday night and today, Liberty hit the shelves. Luckily, I ran across that very important bit of info in this blog. I rushed right out and hit up a Target (or 3!).

If you aren't familiar with Liberty of London, everything is done in the most fab prints! Here are some ad photos to give you a taste (and you can check out that blog link above for more pics).

liberty 1

liberty 3

Let me just say that I wanted one of EVERYTHING!

I mean I need a cute set of prep bowls, right? And the melamine dinnerware? And another teapot (yeah, like I need a hole in my head)! And garden stuff to fall in love with (though only located at one of the three I visited, and darn my HUGE HANDS for not fitting well into the adorable gardening gloves)! And don't even get me started on the kids clothes...I'm so distraught that I didn't remember that Lola can wear a size 18 months dresses! Oh maybe I'm going to have to go back tomorrow!

So I decided to take a deep breath, count to 10, and take it down a notch. I repeated to myself...I do not need one of everything. Heck, I didn't even need half of everything. Finally, I calmed down a little and thought to myself, What do you really NEED? The answer came to me: A swimsuit. That's what I've been shopping for with no success over the past week. But what are the chances that out of the 5 swimsuits in the Liberty line, I'm going to like any? I went and looked. They were all things that I "Don't Wear". they were tiny bikinis, halter necks, and bandeau (strapless) tanks. Well, I decided to try them on anyway.

I freakin' loved them! Ok, there were a couple that I didn't LOVE and I didn't even attempt the bikini (I mean, I may have been running around town from Target to Target like a crack addict desperate for a fix, BUT I'm not REALLY on crack!), but I did get two. Of course two of the "I don't wear" kind.

First, the bandeau. I usually don't like these because I never have found one that doesn't (a) make me feel like a pig stuffed in a straight jacket, (b) looks good on my larger chest, (c) and doesn't make me feel like I might be "accidentally topless" at the beach. This one accomplished all of those...

swim 1

It also has straps that attach and tie around the neck (just to make certain we don't end up in a situation "c")...

swim 2

Remember, Liberty's thing is the crazy fabrics. I actually thought the fabrics could go either way, but after trying them on, I felt they were like camouflage for my fat! Here is a close-up of the peacock feather fabric.

peacock print

I also got a tankini because it completely covered like a one piece. Here is the top...

swim 3

It's halter, but fits great and again, fun fabrics...

floral print
If you are interested in Liberty of London stuff, you've got to hit up Target ASAP. I mean ASAP. Seriously, ASAP. This stuff is flying out of the stores (and don't even think about online...Sold Out!).


Abby said...

Well Darn, I live an hour away from target. I will go there first thing Tuesday!

I love that tankini!! Such cute stuff!

The Ffrench's said...

I ended up getting SG the cutest ever romper the day after you called me. You are right ... there was hardly anything left in the kids clothes and I had to buy her the 3T which actually turned out to be a good choice...I think the 2T would have been too small after washing because it is that poplin cotton and not stretchy cotton.


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