Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Meeting the Designer

Today I ventured out to my new local Dillards department store. It was quite the experience.

What drew me there initially was the opportunity to meet Korto Momolu, one of my favorite designers ever on Project Runway.
She was at Dillards to debut her new line of purses and necklaces. I really liked her necklaces! Korto was really nice and I told her she was one of my all time favs and asked when her clothes were going to be in the stores. She whispered that she just showed her line at fashion week last month and is really hoping that Dillards will pick it up too. Yea!

What drew my attention in the Dillards more than anything was that they had the most amazing jazz band! It was just like being in New Orleans baby! I called Lisa and left her a message (with the bad playing loudly in the background) saying ~Hey Lisa- It's Kara and Jennifer. We tried to call you this morning because we found a great deal on Southwest and just decided to fly down to New Orleans for the day. We are having a blast but are sad you aren't with us!~

We thought we were really funny.


Traci said...

Now THAT is cool!! I would love to meet her. She's so sassy!

Scrappy Girl said...

I only watched one season of PR...the one with Christian. I'll take your word on her fabulousness cause I think you have great taste!


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