Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Not in the plan

I didn't have a ton planned for my spring break week. I'll tell you what was not in the plan...emergency vet trip to Wichita Falls! Alas, Lola's tummy wasn't on board with the plan and that is what we ended up doing today.

I saw that she had thrown up in her kennel when I let her out this morning. Then within an hour she had vomited 4 more times. Now with "normal" dogs, you just kind of wait a bit and see what happens. With Lola "non-normal" dogs, you hop in your car and head to the vet for a full blood work up.

Unfortunately, our vet was in Florida seeing a mouse, but we saw another vet who also took care of her when she was really sick at the end of 2008/beginning of 2009. Her numbers all looked good except for a liver count that was a little off. We are hoping that she may just have a stomach bug. She got a shot and I will give her the meds in pill form tomorrow.

She seems to be much spunkier now. I made a pit stop in Nocona on the way back to drop off a baby gift for a friend and to drop off my Dad's birthday present. I got loaded up with food...My Mom made cookies and a blackberry cobbler!


Debra said...

So sorry to hear about Lola's tummy. Hope she is on the mend very soon.
Hey, I need some blackberry cobbler!

Abby said...

Poor Lola! poor you! I hate having sick babies!! Hope she feels better and I'm so sorry that your real vet was at the house of the mouse!!


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