Sunday, March 7, 2010


I'm watching the Oscars and I'm super BORED. This is crazy too because I'm the Oscar's target viewer... I mean I actually look forward to it every year and watch every minute in anticipation. Bored, bored and more bored.

It kind of started out boring too. The dresses weren't knocking my socks off tonight. I have to confess that I'm not in love with these architectural dresses that J-Lo and others are sporting tonight and Kate Hudson wore to the Golden Globes. This may not be everyone's opinion, but it's mine. Also, I like ruffles, but when everyone has ruffles on, it's kind of ruffle overload. Even though I was overall bored, here were the ones that stood out to me...

Shockingly, I love this gold dress Cameron Diaz is wearing.
I wish Sandra Bullock was pulling off this gold number instead of that gold lame one she is sporting.
Oscar de la Renta.... FABULOUS!
Meryl Streep in Chris March (from Project Runway)
My favorite black dress of the night...
Mariska Hargitay in Vera Wang
I like this dress Demi Moore is wearing, but I'm not sure who made it

Now for the No! No! NO! group of dresses...

Charlize Theron. I usually love you and think that you would look good in a potato sack...
Maybe you should have gone with the potato sack!
Oh Chanel! You made such a poor showing tonight. Sarah Jessica Parker and then this number you put Diane Kruger in.
Zoe Saldana in a dress that is just "too much" everything... the bling on top, the architectural shaping at the waist, the ruffles, and ruffles and ruffles.

Now I'm going to go try and finish watching the Oscars and not be bored to death, but before I go, let me just say that I love Gabourey Sidibe. That girl has got spunk! Seriously, watch an interview with her and not end up with a smile on your face!
Update: This show is so boring, Lola just jumped off the couch and got in her kennel!
Seriously, who ever thought Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin would be so un-funny?


courtney said...

i mostly agree with you--especially about this being extremely boring!!!

i really love sandra bullock's dress! i love cameron diaz's, too, think sandra bullock looks fab in hers.

my fave black dress is tina fey's. it's black but interesting!

charlize theron--ugh! honey, fire your stylist!!

Kara said...

Courtney I agree about Tina Fey. I almost included her too, but didn't want too many black dresses in my list. Love her dress.

I'm torn about Sandy...Go from love to not love so much. I'll have to see where I settle on it.

Abby said...

I didn't like Sandy's dress but by the end of the night I liked it. I thought Miley's dress was terrible and I didn't like SJP's dress that she presented in (not sure if that's what she came in because I missed that part of the show.)

I did love Cameron's dress.

Anonymous said...

I agree with all their comentários.Gostei Cameron's dress but not like your makeup or Sandra BULOK (very red lipstick). Hargitay was the best dressed woman of the night. Dress, hair, makeup everything perfect. What I love about Mariska is that its beauty is natural. Also who has a face and a skin like hers


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