Monday, March 8, 2010

Weekend Accomplishments

It's so rare that I actually accomplish anything on the weekends, so since I think that I actually accomplished everything on my very long list, I had to write about it!

Friday I "took the day off" which resulted in me talking on the phone to 2 courts, talking to the DA's office twice, and going to a non-emergency "emergency" meeting that "couldn't wait until Monday". So much for time off! This is the norm for my days off. I even ended up talking to a court while taking a tour of Savannah back in the fall! Now you know why I like to escape to a location out of the country once a year so that I'm not reachable by phone. Anyway, my accomplishments on Friday were:

1) Took Lola to groomer
2) Caught the attention of my neighbors lawn guys and got them over to my house to clean up all the leaves and mess that was my yard

Saturday was really a busy day. I did three loads of laundry (towels and sheets) and then I straightened and cleaned my filthy mess of a house. I straightened and cleaned for 6 hours! I also went to the grocery store.

Sunday, I finished doing laundry (4 loads of clothes).

I also was able to catch up on the DVR'd shows that had been collecting all week.

I feel pretty proud of myself because I got everything done that I hoped to. YEA for not being a slacker!


Scrappy Girl said...

I love a good weekend like that!


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