Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Election Day...Again

Today is election day...again....it's kind of like a groundhog day situation.  Here we go again!  Today is the run-off election day.

I'm (again) standing outside of a polling place for 12 hours, 7 to 7.  I'm sure today will be different in many ways.  First, I probably won't be on the fringe of frostbite, though sunburn could be an issue. Second, I won't be at the place close to my house because I'm having to go down to Plano.  You see, Plano has a nasty Texas House election going on and this means that Plano is bringing the larger number of voters.  Third, I will be solo because Jennifer has court, will be on Lola babysitting duty and be bringing me lunch.

I'm sure that my level of exhaustion will be the same.  I'm hoping for victory for my candidates and will be so darn glad that it is all over with!

I have to tell you what happened last night around here...  I was about to leave for class, so I went outside to round up Lola and bring her inside.  I look out and she is standing over a squirrel.  It's in her mouth, then she lets it go, then it starts to move so she slaps it around with her front paws and grabs it in her mouth again.  I start screaming.  I mean SCREAMING. "LOLA DROP THE SQUIRREL!  DROP THE SQUIRREL RIGHT NOW!!!!!"  I grab her and force her inside.  I look out at the squirrel and HOPE that he/she will wonder off like the last one.  It doesn't.  I had seen blood when I was out there, so I wasn't really surprised.  The poor thing was taking a big breath like once a minute, but wasn't moving a muscle. 

I did what I had to do.  I couldn't let the squirrel suffer.  I had to become the executioner with my shovel.  I hate that my adorable little schnauzer has turned me into an animal killer.  I had NEVER killed an animal intentionally until last night.  Lola is so proud of her hunting skills.  This being the second squirrel and the countless rats/mice, she's thikning about turning pro.  I'm traumatized and may need therapy.  UGH!


courtney said...

good luck with your election festivities today!!

ewwwwww....so sorry you had to execute the squirrel! ick!


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