Friday, April 2, 2010

A Good Friday

I got up at the crack of dawn (well, 6:15, which for a vacation day was the crack of dawn!) and left my house about 6:50 to head for Canton Trade Days. I didn't really have anything in mind for purchasing other than I wanted an Easter charm for the necklaces I have bought there in the past. I also hoped that they would have some leftovers from Valentine's Day and St. Patty's Day. Sure enough, I got a few charms and a new necklace...

It was a very unusual day though. I bought a couple of items that I have never bought at Canton... shoes and clothes.

I found a couple of pair of flip flops that I liked (Abby don't have a heart would probably consider them "sandals" more than flops!). I couldn't decide which pair to buy. They were both really cute and both on sale, so what did I do?
I bought both of course!
Lola couldn't wait to see them!
They have little blingy crowns on them...
So cute!

Now for the clothes... I got 3 jackets and a shirt. Jackets are so hard to find, and then finding some that fit well are even more difficult for me. These are light weight and not too heavy for summer. They were a great price too. They don't look super cute in these photos, but trust me, they are pretty cute.

A $5 clearance t-shirt!

The booth where I bought these gave you a cute reusable bag too!

I also got a Tervis Tumbler that I got personalized.
Finally, I bought some cute disposable cups (Raider Red on one side, Double T on the other), and 3 quires of gift wrapping tissue paper (since someone, I won't name names, shredded all of mine in a colossal fit!).

Then on the way home, I stopped at the Outlet Mall in Terrell.

I bought a new pair of jeans (some like my favorites that I sadly wore a hole in this week) and this cute shirt...

and this cute sweater and tank...

Funny story about this purchase...we had trouble matching a tank to this sweater. The one that I bought looks kind of pajama-y, but isn't. Lisa says, "I don't think you would be able to take the sweater off, or you will look like you are in your pj's." I replied, "I'm not sure I would take the sweater off if it was on fire, so I think we are safe!". Puh-lease! Like I'd bare my arms willingly!

It was a great shopping day and a very Good Friday indeed!


Abby said...

I think I would call them flops, although they are leather (or so they look) so that could up them...either way super cute!! So proud of you for purchasing flops.

I love all your other purchases as well. I also love the outlet steals. Jealous. What a Good Friday you had!

Amanda said...

Such cute stuff!

Miss Madison's Mommy said...

I'm am a Canton shopper too! Dressin' Gaudy is one of my fav's and I bought the SAME zebra flip flops there last summer! I wore them today, they are my favorite!


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