Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Someone is getting their legs shaved this week and it's not me...well I probably will do that too, but that's not what I'm talking about right now. Lola has an appointment on Friday to get shaved.

I gave her a bath last night and discovered that she is horribly matted and has huge knots in her hair. I cut out 2 handfuls last night, so she currently looks like a deranged groomer got a hold of her. It is primarily her legs that are problematic. I think that she has been very itchy and all the scratching and licking is part of the problem. The fact that I'm a hugely negligent mother and haven't been brushing her is the other part.

I'm not sure that her little skirt will have to be shaved, but most definitely her legs will. I'll post photos of my funny looking pup come Friday.


Donna said...

Hello from Tx Blogging Gals and a fellow Texan!
Love your photos! Precious dog!
Have a great day!


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