Friday, May 14, 2010


You guys know that I love to read. In fact, in preparation for my vacation (that is now cancelled), I had been building a pile of books for weeks. I kept adding books, taking books away. I had decided on 6 books to take and read next week.

Anyway, I saw that another blogger had done a post on favorite childhood books, so I thought I'd tell you about mine.

One of my first loves was this...

I also loved all of the "Ramona" series. Christmas of 2008, I got my cousins the entire series. They love them too. We have plans to go see the movie that comes out this summer.

Another book series I always loved was Amelia Bedelia. I also turned the cousins onto these.

Finally, in late Elementary school, I came to love the author Betty Ren Wright and her mysteries such as "Christina's Ghost" and "The Dollhouse Murders".

What were your favorites?


Abby said...

Emery and I just finished reading Beezus and Ramona. Now we are reading Ramona the Pest. So excited about that. We also love Amelia. Once she reads on her own I'm going to introduce her to Fudge. I think she might love that since her brother so resembles him!! I also loved the Doll house murders.

Didn't you love the Boxcar children? I can't tell you how many years I pretended to live in a box car. Then there was the whole babysitter's club era.

I also loved Little House on the Prarie. I liked that series so much that I wrote my senior History thesis on it!!

Scrappy Girl said...

I loved all of Judy Blume's books. Also the Sweet Valley Twins and Sweet Valley High.

Kelsey Claire @Lavender, Leopard, and Lace said...

I love Amelia Bedilia! When I was doing speech therapy with elementary kids I used that book all the time! It was perfect for multiple meaning words and what not! Love it!


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