Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Doctor's report

So I went to the Hand specialist today.  Of course, based on the report at the a ER, I expected him to say that I needed to wear a splint for a while and check back later.

The report didn't go that well.  It seems that I managed to sever the nerves (which explains why I feel like my finger is asleep).  I need surgery to attach the nerves back and there is a small 2 week window to do that.  Which is smack dab in the middle of my vacation.  We got out a calendar and he thinks that it is okay to wait until I get back, so I'm scheduled for May 25th.  Once he gets inside, he will check out the tendon damage and decide whether the tendons need repair too.

Here is a PSA:  Do NOT ever, ever, ever use a knife to get the pit out of an avacado!!!!!

I did manage to get the horrible brace off.  It had my hand cocked all odd and was extremely uncomfortable.  So bad that I only slept 3 hours on Sunday night and had to ambien myself to sleep last night.

Here's my new wrap:

What do you think TSA will think of that?  Probably that I'm a hot pink clad terrorist!

Favorite quote of the doctor visit:

Me:  Are you sure that my hand isn't like just alseep or something from wearing that craptastic cast and if we give it a little while it will be okay.

Dr.:  Ummmm maybe if you didn't slice all the way through your finger including into the area where the nerves are just 3 mm underneath the skin, I'd think that, but No.


Abby said...

Funny, Sad, Depressing, and funny again. At least you picked a hand surgeon with a sense of humor.

Spotted-Bird said...

Abby stole my line. At least it worked out with the vacation

The Cooper Family said...

Kara! What a bummer!!!!!

Linda K said...

i am glad that you did go to a specialist. Hope everything goes well.

simplysandi said...

I hear your PSA. I always cut avocados like that. Never again. I always seem to cut myself while cooking, but it's only been minor - no ER trips. I know I was just tempting fate. Hang in there. Sorry you missed your trip.


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