Thursday, May 13, 2010

Goodbye Paradise

So my trip is off. I heard from the doctor's office today and it seems that even though I paid extra for insurance with a $2000 out-patient deductible, that doesn't apply to outpatient surgery. So my deductible is $4000 which means that is how much I will be out of pocket before the piece of crap insurance company pays a dime.

I had trip insurance and it was the type of insurance that will (eventually) refund your money. So, the refund is needed to help pay the $4000+ in cost.

I guess at this point, I'm going to see if I can move up my surgery to next week (if I can get someone from the doctor's office to call me back).

I just am so sad about everything right now, I don't even know what to do. I would cry, but I just think that would make my make-up run and I don't know how in the world that would make me feel any better.

Update: Tuesday, 5/18. That's when my surgery is scheduled.


courtney said...

oh no!! i'm so sorry that you're going to have to pay so much for your surgery. and, i'm even more sorry that your trip got cancelled. big huge boo!!

when things slow down, come over to my house and lay out by my pool. i'll blare "feelin' hot hot hot" on the CD player and bring you a margarita. it will be JUST like mexico!! :)

Spotted-Bird said...

UGH! I hate this for you. Let me know if I need to come stay with you to take care of you. If you decide to go to Courtney's I won't mind going with you.

Abby said...

So Sad! So super duper duper SAD!! My heart is aching for you. I am so sorry about your cruddy insurance, any way that surgery becomes inpatient?

I'm up for a trip to Courtney's Mexico Retreat! You all are welcome to come hear and visit me, no pool, no ocean, but hotter and more humid than heck!!

The Ffrench's said...

That's terrible...I'm so sorry that happened. The only thing I can offer you is a deck and a baby pool but I can make pina coladas or whatever other alcoholic beverage you desire and then you can laugh at me because I can't drink them right now !!! Hope you feel better.

Love ya


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