Sunday, May 9, 2010

Hand Drama

So I said earlier that this weekend had been uneventful.  Then the drama came in spades!  I was MAKING TACOS AND TRYING TO TAKE OUT AN AVACADO CORE with a knife (sorry for all caps but its too much trouble to correct it right now).  I remember thinking "this is kind of dangerous" when BAM  i cut off most of my left pinkie finger.

I mean I knew it was BAD.  There was no contemplation of to ER or not to ER.  I was braless and did attempt to put one on but blood started to gush blood and decided to jut throw on a sweatshirt and drive myself to the ER before I passed out.  I called Lisa and she was on her way from Dallas.  Short time later Jennifer headed out to meet me too.

Long story short, I didn't quite slice all the way around my finger, but did manage to slice some tendons.  Only about 10% though, so even though I have to see a hand surgeon this week, it will likely heal without surgery.  It is in a hard splint holding my finger in a particular spot, thus my typing troubles. 

Geez!  This is so not what I needed or how I wanted to vacation in a week!  Just for the record, I hurt my ankle on May 8th several yrs ago, so I may go live in a bubble this week in the future.

Here are some iphone photos of my nice splint and lastly a non-focused one of the sewn up injury in case you want to see,  If not don't scroll down to the last pic.

Oh and what a happy mothers day i gave to my mom!  she got to drive down in the rain to stay with me tonight! 

Finally, I want to know why when I wear make-up 360 days a year, I have to go to the ER on 1 of thoser 5 days when i'm not? 

Here is my favorite quote of the ER:

Doc:  did you take any pain meds before you came

ME:  i didn't even stop to put on a bra, what do you think.


courtney said...

oh kara!! i'm so sorry! that looks terrible. i hope you don't end up having to have surgery.

if there is any silver lining, it's that today was a fairly cool day and wearing a sweatshirt probably didn't look so weird.

ugh...feel better soon and keep us updated on your hand.

Miss Madison's Mommy said...

Holy moly! Who knew Avacados where dangerous! I'm not sure why but everytime I've had to go to the ER I'm braless and looking rough....hmmm. :) Hope your back to better soon.

The Ffrench's said...

Oh no....I hope it heals up fast and that you get a good report from the hand surgeon.

Abby said...

Ick it looks way worse than I imagined all though what I imagined was pretty rough!! Brian is ready for your call today. So if you have any problems, give him a shout!!

Linda K said...

Oh my gosh Kara. Hope everything goes okay with the hand surgeon. Take care and keep us posted.

The Cooper Family said...

That is something I would do! Ack!!!!

Emilymud said...

Oh! You know Abby did this once, not as BAD as you. However, we did declare at that time no more knifes with avocados...and got a avocado slicer! Take care of your self.

Spotted-Bird said...

OMG!!! That looks really bad. Praying for no surgery! Be more careful next time


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