Monday, May 31, 2010

happy memorial day

i've kept it pretty low key this weekend.  no big plans.  for some odd reason, i've had a fair amount of pain in my hand this weekend.

on sunday, i met my friend abby, her two kids, and her sister emily, at northpark.  i was suppose to be meeting emily there next weekend, but abby decided to come to town for the holiday and we moved up our shopping trip.  the purpose of our trip was make-up.  neither abby or emily are big make-up people.  abby is coming along a bit, but emily wears NOTHING!  EVER!  can you imagine?  lord knows i can't.  i love my make-up!

anyway, emily is getting married in the dominican republic in less than a month, so we needed to get her a make-over with some pretty, but simple, make-up that she would wear and could easily apply.  with some help from the laura mercier counter, i think we totally hit the mark!

with abby, we were just freshening up the look at trish mcevoy that we started last summer.  both gals looked so pretty!  i wish i'd had my camera so i could have gotten their photos.  i think we are going to do it again in two see those apples didn't fall far from their tree, meaning that their nice mom becky needs some make-up assistance too.  i'm sure it will be a blast again!

abby's little girl, E, was very excited about all this make-up business.  it was a super day for a 6 year old that has my love for make-up.  of course it prompted all sorts of questions like "when can i wear make-up?"  i was able to talk abby down for E to start wearing it three years earlier than she thought she should (you can thank me later kid), and plans were made to send E to "auntie kara's make-up camp" when the time comes.

after we were done with the make-up madness (i was the epitome of self restraint and purchased no make-up, thank you very much)  i headed to williams sonoma for a couple of purchases.

i bought this soap dispenser.  i actually had one of these.  it matches my canisters, utensil holder, recipe box, etc., but i knocked it off the counter while cleaning last month and it shattered.  

i was also getting hungry for mexican, so i bought this $15 gadget that pits and slices avocados.

in an ironic twist:  i got in line at w-s to make my purchases and who was in line in front of me?  my hand therapist!  she was happy to see i was buying my new gadget


Emilymud said...

Oh make up fairy!!! I love the look, Chris liked it a lot too. So double points on that one. I am sure I can do this make up thing now, thanks to your wonderful help. You are such a great friend to come out with me, the little ones, and a hurt hand. Thanks again!! YOU ROCK!!!

Spotted-Bird said...

So wish you would have had your camera with you!


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