Thursday, May 27, 2010

a new day, a new attitude

so i woke up today and decided that i was going to have a better attitude (despite my continual cannot get comfortable and sleep, hand hurts, therapy sucks, etc. problems)

i came into the kitchen for the "turn off the alarm, let lola out, pour my orange juice and check the e-mails on my iphone" normal morning routine and got my first pleasant surprise of the day... i had an e-mail saying that cory booker was following me on twitter.

what! no. way! i have no idea why someone famous who i admire so much (and crush on a lot little) is following ME, but i did a little happy dance in the kitchen while lola looked on like i had lost my marbles!

then i had to get ready because lisa was coming over for our big day... SATC 2 movie premier day! another bit of good news came when i discovered that yes, i could in fact button my pants now that i have both a pointer finger and thumb free!

we went to the mall, had a quick breakfast at chick-fil-a, and then hit up the 10 a.m. showing. after the 2 1/2 hour movie, we met jennifer in the food court for lunch. a quick shopping trip to barnes & noble where i fondled a nook and bought a new book, and sephora where i had to get a new eyeliner, and then we were off to a stand alone theater closer to my house and jen & lisa's kiddos for the 2:20 showtime and our 2nd (jennifer's 1st) viewing.

in case you are new, or don't recall, let me explain the two viewings... we aren't nuts (well maybe a little), but this is our ritual. we used to gather at lisa's, have dinner, and watch SATC on sunday nights. we watched twice... the first time in COMPLETE SILENCE, then the second time with commentary allowed. two years ago, lisa and i decided that the ritual needed to extend to the movie and then this year there was never any discussion about doing it any different.

i don't want to say too much about the movie. of course i liked it. it was a fun romp of a movie. not quite as good as the last, but if you love the series and those girls, you'll have a blast. bring on satc 3!!!!



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