Tuesday, June 8, 2010

3 weeks

today is 3 weeks since my surgery...aka: half-way to getting my splint off!

{here's the status of my hand}

* it is still fairly swollen, but it's better than it was 2 weeks ago when the cast came off

* i do my passive exercises every (waking) hour and can get my finger bent pretty well and can now keep it bent (well for a few of seconds anyway!)

* since we have started the (gross sounding) process of dead skin removal, it's looking far better than it did 2 weeks ago, if for no other reason than it is getting rid of the surgeon's purple markings

* as of saturday at 10ish p.m., the nerves are firing! how do i know? well when nerves start trying to reconnect, the send out a signal. if the other side answers, it feels like you are sticking your finger in the light socket! it isn't constant. it only lasts for a few seconds or a few minutes at the most, but it is good news!

{what's coming up the next three weeks}

* my splint is getting revamped tomorrow so that my wrist will be a little straighter. i think this will be much better! the splint is still required because up until the 6 week mark, the tendons aren't healed enough to not "pop" if they do too much.

* my exercises will (i think) go from purely passive to independent movement, but i hhaven't gotten those instructions yet.


The Ffrench's said...

Yeah ... great news !!

Emilymud said...

I am sure you will feel much better with some down splint time! Keep working it out!!!

Linda K said...

I am glad to hear that your finger is doing much better, it seems like it has been a long process.

Ann said...

Good news!! Glad to hear the nerves are reconnecting- sorry to hear that it is painful!!

Gina said...

Great news!


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