Wednesday, June 2, 2010

... and then i nearly fainted!

nothing too exciting to report in the life and times of kara & lola today. i think i did manage to run into every village idiot in this little town of mine...

{idiot #1} i was talking to this salty older attorney today and he was asking about my hand. he said that he's been shot and stabbed and suffered cuts with a knife (i'm hoping he's served in a war!) and that a cut is the worst of those. about that time, a female attorney whom i've never seen in my almost 9 years of being at the courthouse almost daily, walks up and chimes in that a paper cut is the worst. the other attorney says, well, i think kara is far worse off than a paper cut, but she wouldn't give it up and couldn't be convinced that there was worse. i'll grant you they suck. what sucks worse is a file folder cut, but trust me when i say that almost taking a finger off with your santuko knife IS IN FACT WORSE THAN A PAPER CUT!

{idiot #2} i was in the clerk's office and the clerk says "oh what did you do to your hand" to which i gave my standard reply i cut my finger. she says "oh my daughter cut her finger, she cut it so bad that she had to go get stitches. did you have to get stitches?" seriously? would i have my hand in this splint/cast get-up if i hadn't had at least stitches? wouldn't a cut that didn't need stitches need like a band-aid instead of this mess i'm wearing? so i just said, yep stitches twice. before and after surgery!

which brings me to my therapy appointment. my therapist removed the stitches today. they were suppose to come out 10-14 days after surgery. today was day 15. it is NOT a good idea to go that long. they become part of you and it hurts like the devil to remove them!

then she just moved my fingers and massaged my hand, which sounds nice, but was really just 20 minutes of complete sustained pain. i started feeling really hot. i started trying to convince myself that i wasn't really about to pass out, but i'm a little bit like aunt pitty pat in gone with the wind, meaning you better have some smelling salts around because i've passed out a time or ten in my life, so i know when the vapors are comin' on. thankfully when i was about to tell my therapist to stop touching me and get me some water, she stopped and went into the other room for some supplies. at this point i hit the cold sweat phase and then i nearly fainted, but miraculously was able to breathe through it and stay up right.

she was basically done at that point, so i left and hung out on the bench by the front doors for a minute until i could drive and then hightailed it to target where i promptly bought a REAL coke for the sugar and all was right with the world again.


Abby said...

Clearly lawyers like the paper cute girl are why I no longer practice law!! Geez!

Glad you didn't pass out. Glad you got a real coke, hope you got a refill before you left!!


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