Tuesday, June 1, 2010

another signing

today has been a big day. first, i had a hair appointment with my new hair gal, cathy. i really liked her AND she was on board with straightening my crazy curly hair...

...and for once i actually had somewhere to go afterwards.

yep, another book signing! i know y'all are starting to think that signings must be my favorite pass time! i drove into the city and met lisa to see emily giffin. we had seen her a few years ago.

she is so fun! totally worth attending a repeat signing! she released a new book (her 5th) last month and it was great.

they are currently making a movie out of her first book, "something borrowed" (and then her second book "something blue"). she gave us all the scoop on the movie.

besides her books, another thing that i love about her is that she was a lawyer in nyc, but after 9-11, she quit her law job, and moved to london to write. you may not know that london is my favorite city in the world... my home the summer of 1996. moving to london to write would be like a crazy dream come true for me, so i like that she got to live my dream!

despite the fact that she's had 3 kids in the past like 6 years, she's crazy skinny! even though she was kind enough to take photos with her fans, lisa and i decided we had no business having our picture made with anyone who was that small!

she was inviting fans to meet her for drinks later at mi cocina, but alas, as i'm still in the law business and have court early in the morning, i had to pass. it was a fun night!


The Ffrench's said...

Love your hair...it looks good !!!

courtney said...

i love emily giffin! her books are so fun and i can't wait to read the new one.

um, goodness--she must work out full time when she's not writing! what a body!

your hair looks awesome!! congrats on finding a new stylist!

Abby said...

Love your hair. It appears that your straight hair matches Emily's!! Precious and glad you like Cathy.

The Cooper Family said...

Your hair looks great! Reminds me of in school when it was red for a short time and straight.

Seriously -- can I get Emily's workout for arms?

Did she say who was starring in the movie?

Jeness said...

Love the Hair!! Emily Giffin is my favorite author. I live in MT and we don't have any book signing so I am completly jealous!!

Amanda said...

Ok, first of all, I love the pic of you! Your hair is SO adorable! Secondly, I LOVE Emily Giffin. I've been obsessed with her books since Something Borrowed came out. I am still reading Heart of the Matter right now. WOW, I'm so jealous that you got to meet her!


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