Friday, June 11, 2010

Is it just me...

is it just me, or has this been the longest week EVER? I have no idea why but it has seemed a month long. Here are some random things on my mind...

(1) I've eaten a million tomatoes this week! My friend Abby, her mom & sis came over on Wednesday night and abby brought me two baggies of cherry tomatoes fresh off her mother-in-law's south texas vines. I just have them in a bowl and eat them like candy each time i go through the kitchen. so good!!!! abby also brought me a LARGE zucchini. I think she meant to take the ginormous freak-of-nature vegetable to the freak show , but instead it got left at my house :)

(2) I got my stockpot today! I'll have to cook something now.

(3) I craving shrimp salad. anyone want to make me some? pretty please with sugar on top?

(4) I swear my hand is getting worse. i seriously think that each hour i do my exercises it gets worse. the measurements of my movements don't show that to be the case, but it is frustrating nonetheless. my stupid finger and hand is still really swollen. i'm sure this heat doesn't help. we now have my finger wrapped in its own version of spanx to try and get the swelling down. my therapist re-read my file notes today and came to the conclusion that i have a "very odd injury". as the therapist said, it's almost like a finger & palm injury. apparently "nobody cuts their hand like that and never gets THAT nerve." well bully for me that i'm so freakin' unique!

(5) i love Bravo's new Bethenny Getting Married? i find it very funny. just fyi: ryan star's brother was the jeweler in the first episode

(6) i should have paid attention in spanish class. this week i told my yard crew to weed-eat around the border in the back yard (they've been skipping that). they weed-eated all of my monkey grass in that flower bed! ah-yeh-yeh!

this photo has nothing to do with anything, but makes me smile...

have a good weekend!


The Ffrench's said...

That piggy photo cracks me up. Hope you have a great weekend too. It has been a long week. I stupidly ran out of gas in Aaron's truck the other day...that was a definite oye yay yay !!!

Scrappy Girl said...

I loved Bethenny's new show too...I enjoy her wit...although I think it might get old IN REAL LIFE.


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