Monday, June 7, 2010

my love hate relationship with summer

let's face it, i'm not summer's biggest fan. if i lived somewhere with a better summer climate, you know any place that doesn't make you feel like you have died and gone where bad people go, then i might be a bigger fan of summer. but as it stands now, with now being that it is still the first week of june and we've already seen that century mark in REAL temps (don't even get me started on the heat index!) i have to look really hard for things to like about summer.

one thing i certainly like is fresh fruits & veggies. i have always been of the mind-set that at least here in the south, dish sets ought to come with a normal plate and a summer plate. you know, the summer plate would really more closely resemble a platter. 'cause lets face it, by the time you load your plate up with squash, corn on the cob, okra, fresh tomatoes, cantaloupe, maybe some black-eyed peas, and some cornbread, it just won't fit on a normal size plate!

it's not just veggies, but the fresh fruit too! the blackberries and peaches are my favorites, but i like a good melon as well. oh the things you can do with those peaches and blackberries...cobbler, mix in with some homemade ice cream, or maybe a pie.

yep, fruit & veggies are definitely my favorite part of summer, which is why i'm so excited to be getting (very soon) this great product...

it is le creuset stockpot in their newish color called caribbean! i've been obsessed with this color since it debuted. no, it doesn't match a darn thing in my kitchen, but i love it anyway (and i know that it will soon have a matching dutch oven friend around my birthday or christmas time, not because i'm psychic, but because i do my mom's shopping!)

anyway, when the fine folks at CSN approached me and wanted to know if i would review of one of the millions of items that they sell, from kitchen stuff, pet stuff (oh, i totally found tons of cute stuff for lola dog!), to annything you could need for your bed, you name it, i selected this baby. i can't wait to get it and try it out on all the summer veggies i love! stay tuned, i'll tell you all about it.


Holly said...

The Le Creuset dutch ovens are the best! It is the only way I know how to make a good pot roast. I would LOVE to have a matching stockpot. I can't wait to hear all your good ideas for using it!

Ann said...

Very cool. I got my mom the large oval dutch oven for Mother's Day. She is loving it!!


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