Thursday, June 10, 2010


Today I was at Super Target. This hot weather means that I was in the mood for cereal. You know, sometimes it's just good to eat a cold bowl of cereal for supper when it's hot outside.

The only kind of cereal I really buy is Frosted Flakes. I know it's not really healthy, but in case you haven't heard, they're ggggreat!

Anyway, I am in the cereal aisle and there is a mother and her two kids there too. One is probably about 4-5ish and the one in the cart is 2ish. Just to set the scene a little better, mom had a British accent.

Little boy is wanting some kind of cereal he's seen advertise on tv. He keeps trying and trying to convince his mother who's having none of it. She's telling him he can have any kind from the "healthy end" of the cereal aisle. She's describing every variety of Kashi cereal on the shelf, but as you'd expect, kid isn't buying it.

All of this is taking place in front of the frosted flakes, so I can't get my cereal and go, in case you were wondering.

Back to the story... Kid is grabbing every kind of "fun" cereal and telling mom that he saw it on a commercial. Mom says "we aren't buying it because it was on a commercial. It's all crap!"

So I'm thinking, lady just move along with your kids so I can get my crap cereal and move on!

I finally make my way to frosted flakes and the kid looks at me like he is going to stow away in my cart and the mom looks at me like I'm the devil, all the while little whipper snapper in the cart starts chanting "kashi, kashi, kashi"!



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