Wednesday, June 9, 2010

update after 3 week appointment

Add Imageso today i saw my doc. he's a man of few words (and apparently the softest hands on earth, at least according to my mom. i wouldn't know because he's never attempted to shake my hand, but it is all my mom could talk about for two days after my surgery!). anyway, it seems that all is well.

i also saw the therapist that got me started on the new exercises. these take longer to go 5 minutes. i know that doesn't seem like much, but doing it every hour ads up! she also removed more skin and in the process, she discovered another stitch...oops (& ouch)! it looks A LOT better, so while i had my splint off doing my 5 o'clock exercises, i took a photo for you. i don't really think that i have to warn you off of this one, but i'm putting a day of accident, and week after surgery photos immediately after in case you want to compare

{today- 3 weeks post surgery}

{2 weeks ago- a week post surgery}

{May 9th, at the ER}



courtney said...

i'm glad your hand is getting better! still wishing a speedier recovery for you!

Ann said...

Wow!! I can't think of much else to say- except feel better!

Kelsey Claire @Lavender, Leopard, and Lace said...

Oh my that hurts just to look at it! Keep up your exercises so you can have a speedy recovery!


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