Thursday, July 29, 2010

Back in Business

I'm back in business, but too busy/tired to post a real blog post right now.  I do have stuff to blog about, so stay tuned! 

I'm so happy to have internet again, I can hardly stand it.  It required a trip to Plano to exchange out my modem with Time Warner Cable.  I think we are fully back up and running, but it was questionable for a while and I had to get on the phone with those darn TWC technicians again.  They are sending someone tomorrow to check something.  Who knows. I'm so computer illiterate.  At one point in my conversation with TWC I asked "how come it isn't working now and it was 3 minutes ago!" to which Mr. Technical Guy started to reply with "I told you a minute ago..." when I promptly cut him off and said "LOOK!  I DON'T SPEAK GEEK!  YOU MIGHT AS WELL BE SPEAKING TO ME IN CHINESE AS TO TELL ME TECHNICAL TERMS ABOUT THIS COMPUTER STUFF!"

It's been a frustrating day.  I think I'm so tired from that nonsense plus my body is still recalling that 9 years ago on the Thursday of this week in July 2001, I was finishing the 3 day/2 month BAR exam.  Every year at this point, it has sympathy pains for my 24 year old self! 

In case I don't get to blog again today, I want to alert you to the Dillards sale... 40% off of all already permanently reduced merchandise!  I got a few great gifts and a couple of somethings for myself! 


Abby said...

I've been out of sorts all week thinking about it. I absolutely still hate the bar exam as much now as I did years ago!! ICK!

My 25 year old self...was about to get kicked out of a resteraunt because members of my group had drank so much that it was painfully obvious we were over served. Other members of our group would eventually get divorced and one of them would then marry the waitress who painfully overserved us that night! Silly girl we told her not to go to law school. I think we may have told her that in eight different languages!


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