Monday, July 19, 2010

Electronic Evolution

Yesterday, when I got home from Nocona, I quickly unloaded my car and plopped down on my couch to fulfill my weekly One Tree Hill addiction.  I watched season one last summer, and am trying to plug through season 2 and then some this summer.  Unfortunately, I discovered that my DVD player had quit me!  What's a girl to do?  Does a crack addict rush out to buy a new pipe when she discovers her's is broken?  Does an alcoholic run out to the liquor store when they discover their bottle is empty?  Well, an addict of teenage drama shows who discovers her DVD player is broken, must headed out to Sam's Club to get a new DVD player!

My old DVD was purchased in May 2001.  Please ignore the 5 years worth of dust on top.  This is my good for nothin' DVD player that quit me at this crucial juncture in my addiction...

Now check out my new $34 one from Sam's!  Look how small it is compared to the old dinosaur from 2001!
Electronic Evolution amazes me!


Abby said...

Love this post!! Our DVR is dying...not only will I be hysteria but my Caillou loving son might have a heart attack!


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