Saturday, July 31, 2010

Feeling Hot, hot hot!

I hate the heat!  I may have mentioned this a time or fifty.  This forecast makes me want to give up all will to live...

Why, oh why, do I live in Texas?!?!  I wanted to stay in the air conditioned house all day with the ceiling fan over me and the stand fan also blowing on me while drinking ice water.

That being said, for some reason, I decided to do a little gardening today.  I have had some bad luck with the flowers that I planted in my front yard this summer.  Bad luck is putting it mildly...They look like crap.  While most all of them look like crap, I decided to pull up the crappiest of the crap and replace them.  I hope to Miraclegrow the others and bring them a little more life. 

My flower bed is so hard to describe to the people at the nursery that they finally suggested I experiment with a light meter.  Before doing that, I think I'm going to try and photograph my front bed every 30 minutes tomorrow and then I can use the photographs to figure out the sun exposure vs. the shade. 

This is what I finally settled on buying...
I thought they were pretty and I liked the colors...
I figured with these, you aren't dependent on something blooming. 
As long as they have leaves, they should look good.
And mostly, I liked the name. They're called Perilla Magilla.  Perilla Magilla!  Perilla Magilla!
It's so fun to say over and over again!
I decided to show y'all a picture of them today since based on my gardening luck this summer, they will likely be the newest version of crap in about a week!


Katie's Journey said...

We plant that plant at our house too! I am glad that it at least took this long for the weather to get that hot. Camp was pleasantly cool this year until this week.

Ann said...

I'm tired of the heat too. Bring on fall!! Love your plants. You have a great green thumb!


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