Monday, July 5, 2010

The Greatest...

This is....the greatest....forecast....for July in Texas....EVER!
While my ideal temperature is actually our forecasted lows, I'll still take it!  No triple digits! 

Since it is a bit cooler, we can actually go outside without fear of melting...

Our only enemy right now... Mud!

P.S.  Yes, the grass is high.  We've had lots of rain (thank you Lord) and the lawn crew is suppose to be coming tomorrow...Unless they misunderstood a phone conversation we had last week, in which case they may believe that they are fired...something about "don't come back unless you have inspected your mowers and figured out what they were leaking that killed my grass I've been trying to grow for 4 years!" and "tell your guys if they don't understand English, they should say 'No hablo English' instead of 'okay,' which then results in them weed-eating my monkey grass to within an inch of it's life".


Abby said...

why doesn't just one guy ever speak english. I have wondered that exact same thing with my lawn guys.

Glad your getting decent weather!

Ann said...

I've been enjoying the cooler temps too. I actually spent the afternoon outside with the kids and didn't have a heat stroke!


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