Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Big 8-0!

Today is my Meme's birthday, and it's a big one too!  The Big 8-0! 

When I called to wish Meme a Happy Birthday this morning, I heard that they were going to eat at Babe's.  It's about half way between me and Nocona, so I decided to join Meme, Papa, my parents and my aunt & uncle that were in from Midland.

The Birthday Girl

Meme & Papa

My Aunt Amy and Uncle Gary

The whole gang (except for photographer)

Now me with Meme & Papa

The crew sang a Birthday song for Meme and made her wear a chicken hat
I'll have to consult the Penal Code, but I'm not entirely sure that we aren't about to all be arrested for Elder Abuse! 
Happy Birthday Meme!


courtney said...

aw, she's so pretty! happy birthday to your meme!

babe's....i'm hungry now.

Ann said...

She is beautiful. Happy Birthday!!

Sounds like a great way to celebrate!


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