Friday, July 16, 2010

Life is Never Boring...

Today, Miss Lola and I headed out of town.  We have a Big 80th Birthday party to attend this weekend for my Meme in Nocona.  Lola was also due for her vaccinations, so I decided to head to Wichita Falls today to see our favorite vet.

We got to the vet, our favorite vet Joe was there, Lola got a good report.  Everything seemed to be going great.  Lola actually only got her rabies vaccine because Joe didn't want to risk giving her the others with her bad pancreas.  Actually, he didn't want to give her the rabies either, but since she catches rats, squirrels, etc. on a fairly regular basis and since the law requires it, he gave it to her.

After the vet appointment, I headed to Bahama Bucks and got the snowcone I had been dying for all summer long.  Everything was going great.  We made the 55 minute drive back to Nocona.  We got there, hung out for a while and then about 5:00, we all noticed Lola was itching.  About 5:20 the itching was pretty bad.  I reached down to feel her back and she was covered in welts!  I looked at her tummy and it was splotchy red and felt on fire.  I called the vet, they said come back, so literally I did a scoop and run.  I scooped her up, ran out the door, hopped in the car and high-tailed it back to WF to the vet. 

I was the puppy ambulance and I was driving fast, really fast.  Why I don't know, because once we got there, we waited well over an hour.  Apparently some cat had gotten its eye scratched out or something and that was deemed more important than Lo's allergic reaction.  Lola was miserable!  She was rolling around on the floor, crying, scratching, rubbing her eyes, and much to everyone's amusement, trying to dig a hole in the tile floor of the vet's office. 

Finally, we saw a vet, but not our vet.  I've never seen this doc before, but he was nice.  Actually, he walked in and said "OH!  I know Lola".  "Of course you do!" I thought to myself, "She paid for your vacation last year!"  Anyway, Lola got a benadryl shot.  We headed back home, one relieved puppy mom and a doped up puppy.  Since then all seems to be going well.  I gave her some additional benadryl before bedtime, and am thankful she doesn't have to have another vaccine for 3 years!


Abby said...

Poor Lola!! Glad you got a snow cone. Come on down to Mayberry we have great ones here!

Kelsey Claire said...

I have been wanting a sno cone lately! Jealous you got one. I am glad Lola got her shot. Oh what we do for our pups!

The Ffrench's said...

Oh no...glad she is ok. Well at least next time you will know they need to administer the benedryl in conjunction with the rabies !


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