Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday Blues

I have a little bit of a case of the Monday blues.  This particular Monday is sad because summer school started today.  I am teaching Tuesday & Thursday nights the next 5 weeks.  Don't get me wrong, I like teaching.  However, I teach from 6-10:10 p.m. each of those nights.  4 hours of class!  4 hours of holding students' attention!  As fascinating as I am (ha!), they're bored after 45 minutes, trust me!  So, I have to get creative and have some library time, movies, etc.  It's the only way through.

I went to the physical therapist today too.  She was on vaca last week, so i haven't been in a little while.  I was desperately in need of an ultrasound treatment.  It breaks up some of the swelling and scar tissue and makes it feel better.  I seem to have overdone it though because one of my joints is bruised (err...I was trying to get my finger to straighten out).  I also asked "why is it all red right there in that spot?" to which my therapist replied, "that's blood pooling."  Fantastic.  Now, I've got a new "device" on my finger.  It a sock like thing, but the inside is coated in silicone.  How that's suppose to help, I've got no clue, but I'm wearing it!

Because I have the Monday blues, I've been trying to do other things that have given me some excitement.  Those things involve PLANNING rather than DOING, but I like to plan and it gives me something to look forward to.  What am I planning?  Well let me tell you...

(1) Restaurant Week:  It just happens to be on my lone week off between Summer II and Fall Semesters.  So in addition to hitting up the Ryan Star concert on Tuesday of that week, I'm going to hit up one or two restaurants.  It's $35 for a 3 course meal at some of the best restaurants in town.  I've gone ahead and made two reservations.  Jennifer and I are doing a Law Firm outing one of those nights, but I just might just keep the other reservation too if I find someone else who wants to go.  I have Stephan Pyles on Wednesday night and III Forks on Thursday night.  YUMMY!

(2) NOLA:  Yep, started planning a trip to one of my favorite cities!  My friend Abby has tragically never been to NOLA, so it is time to change that!  We are looking at a couple of dates in September.  And again, YUMMY!

(3) T.V.:  So this isn't long term planning, but tonight is a great tv night!  The Closer season premiers!  This stupid Bachelorette that I've gotten sucked into the last couple of weeks looks to be interesting to say the least.  Real Housewives is back on with an explosive looking episode, plus there is the What What Happens Live after the show that I'm beyond addicted to.  Finally, I'm giving Rizzoli & Isles a shot...stars Angie Harmon, Sasha Alexander (she played Kate on NCIS and I liked her then) and finally Lorraine Braco.  The DVR will be smoking after tonight's over!

So planning all of these events has helped turn my Monday from blue to pink (my happy color)!


Kelsey Claire said...

I didn't know you were in Dallas! So are we. I only made one restaurant week reservation as of now to Capital Grille. I want hubby to choose another one but he is kind of busy studying for the bar!

Holly said...

I'm in DFW too! I've got reservations at III Forks, Pyramid, and Nobu. They are our three favorites and we usually go during Restaurant Week every year. I'm going to try to venture out and add something new to the list. You can't beat the price, and it's for a great cause!

Abby said...

Boo to all of you that live in Dallas during Restaurant week and that I don't. (althought I don't feel sad for Kelsey because the mere mentioning of the word bar in July still sends me right over the edge!)

So excited that your going to show me your favorite city! Can't wait!

Scrappy Girl said...

Sounds like we could switch DVRs and never notice. I love love love Real Housewives. Have your read the new book?! It's good.

I would love to go back to NOLA...great city!

The Cooper Family said...

Stephen Pyles' Heaven and Hell cake = my favorite dessert in the entire world. I am hungry just thinking about it.

Spotted-Bird said...

I have also never been to NOLA! I am dying to go, but can't get James to take me. He has been and is going back for a bachelor party in October. One day I will make it there!


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