Friday, July 2, 2010


Well it wasn't shop until you drop, but it was own until your finger swells!

I didn't really stop shopping, but just made a pit-stop by the water fountain so that I could pop some Advil! (note:  my fingers are pretty fat anyway, but you can tell that pinkie is swollen because the wrinkles are disappearing!)

I didn't really plan to shop yesterday, but one thing led to another, and I was on a full blown shop-a-thon.  It all started in court yesterday morning.  I noticed that one of my favorite pairs of shoes, my navy ones, had suffered a terrible blow.  I must have gotten the heel stuck on something because the leather was completely torn off.  I was really sad, both because I love these shoes, and because finding a pair of navy shoes, let alone a fashionable pair of navy shoes in a size 10 is a challenge close to locating the Holy Grail.

I decided to pop up to Dillards and see what I could find.  Would you believe that I located a cute pair, in size 10, and on sale?  Yep, I did!  They were marked down to $49 from $80 and then I got another 30% off, so they were $34.99.  See they're pretty cute...
Then I wondered over by the lingerie and noticed that they had round tables set up with bins of bras.  Now, I think I've mentioned before, but I have one brand and one style of bra that I wear.  I've tried unsuccessfully to find others, but now I don't even try.  I've found THE one, and I'm done looking.  Problem is that the darn thing costs $76...each!  I normally stock up on the Nordstrom sale every summer when they are on sale for $60.  Anyway, I noticed that they had my bra in these bins.  I grabbed up two and it turns out one was $28 and one was...get ready for it...$10.  And the $10 one was white, nothing funky or weird. 

At that point, I decided to hit up a several more Dillards in a quest for more of the $10 ones.  Long story short, I ended up getting 4 of the $10 ones and decided to return the $28 (because the stores had tons of those and I hope to get them marked down more later).  $300+ in bras for $40!

Not on sale, I got an adorable pair of Texas Tech yoga pants...


Abby said...

I love a good sale! So exciting!

Scrappy Girl said...

There are so many great sales right now. I just got my bras at the buy 2 get 2 free sale! I have one style I buy too.

btw...great shoes!

The Cooper Family said...

Love the shoes! Super duper cute!

Spotted-Bird said...

After I read this James and I headed to Dillard's in Little Rock. Best shopping ever! For him not me.

Ann said...

I need to go shopping with you. You always find the best deals!

Why is it so hard to find navy shoes? I've been looking for a pair for a couple of years. Yours are way cute. I may have to make my way to Dillard's.


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