Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tuesday's Tidbits

Nothing too exciting to report around here, just a couple of random items...some involving reality tv, so if you're disgusted with me posting about it, please note that I'm equally disgusted with my watching it.  It's an addiction and I don't think I've hit rock bottom yet, so I'm not planning to get help any time soon.

(1) The Bachelorette:  I'm going to jump on the bandwagon of all those out there in blogville that think Chris is WAY TOO GOOD for Ali.  I hope she picks Roberto.  Don't get me wrong, there's nothin' wrong with Roberto, but I just think Chris deserves better.  I know he will be heartbroken, but he doesn't need all the tv/celebrity stuff in his seemingly normal life. 

(2) RHNJ:  I so wish they'd kick Danielle off.  Did you see today in the news that she has now turned on her  thug friend Danny and called the police on him.  Ugh!  Hate her!

(3) Real World:  Okay, so this is one that I stopped watching years ago when, in my opinion, it went downhill.  I probably thought it went downhill since I remember the early days: NYC, San Francisco, etc.  Well according to Lisa, this season is in New Orleans (again?  really MTV, there are some cities you haven't been to yet).  She says if you love NOLA like we do, it's worth watching an episode or two.  Apparently they have a to-die-for Garden District House.  I haven't caught an episode yet.

(4) Speaking of NOLA:  I think I mentioned last week that I was starting to plan a trip.  Well it's booked baby!  Abby and I are headed to the Big Easy mid-September.  I got a great hotel price (thanks to the uncle and his Marriott connections) and my parents' gave me their soon to expire Southwest free ticket, so I got my flight for $2.50 each way!  Can't beat that!  Now I'm trying to plan some activities and oh so fabulous restaurants, so that I can break first-timer Abby in right!

(5) I have to go to Dallas tomorrow.  We are set for a jury trial.  I hate going to court in Dallas.  It's like traveling to a third world country...you might get robbed, see things that are sad, and you might pick up a communicable disease.

(6) Have you heard the reports that there have been sightings of two tigers on the loose in downtown Dallas?  That's what the news is reporting.  Jennifer thinks it is the least of our problems (see #5).

(7) Tonight is another 4 hour marathon night of school.  I like teaching, but 4 hours is just a total whipping.  After tonight, there's only 7 classes to go though!

(8) I officially started Christmas shopping today!  Only 158 days left, let the shopping begin!


Kelsey Claire said...

I am also so over Danielle. I just fast forwarded through most of her stuff last night. So annoying. I had jury duty in Dallas and it was one of the worst experiences of my life. Everyone kept asking me "and why are you here?" Why do you think I am here?

Abby said...

Agree on your assesment of Dallas Court. Ick!!

So excited about our trip!

You know the nice guy will be the next Bachelor don't you. That's so how they play that show! Just be ready!

The Ffrench's said...

Hate Danielle also....she is such a biatch ... can't stand her ... she needs to GO !! Oh gee she turned on that thug Danny..what about Danny's pal that he runs around with .. yet another thug.

So jealous you are going to NOLA....what are the dates? I might be having a baby during that time so you can have a toast for me at K-Pauls !!

Spotted-Bird said...

I can't stand Danielle. I am also getting to the point of being over the Bachelor. Same stuff different season.


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