Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wednesday's Adventures

I had to leave my house early this morning (at least by my standards) because I had to be in Dallas for a Jury Trial.  We got to the give-you-cooties Dallas court house at about 8:50.  We waited until almost 11:00 with nothing happening.  Finally we just reset the thing and left.  I no longer have any questions about why it takes things so long to actually make it to trial in Dallas county. 

Since it was about lunch time, I talked Jennifer into making our way over to Houston's for lunch.  Only we got there to find that Houston's is no longer Houston's but is instead Hillstone.  We went ahead and went it and it turns out that they just changed the name of the Park Cities Houston's to Hillstone.  They have the same menu with a few exceptions, and since I don't care about those exceptions, the name change is really of no consequence to me.  After a yummy lunch, the adventure really started.

I need to back up here a bit and give you some background.  I have a great watch.  I love my watch.  It's always been a little tight.  Several years ago, when it was getting the battery replaced, etc., I tried to purchase an additional link or two.  The guy at my watch repair place refused to sell me any.  He says that watches are suppose to fit tight, not loose like a bracelet.  He told me if I wanted a bracelet, to "go buy a bracelet", but I need to wear my watch like a watch should be worn.  Okey-dokey.

So my watch has always been kind of tight.  Now, cut to hand that is swollen (still) and that swelling extends down to my wrist.  Watch is really too tight.  I call grumpy guy on the phone yesterday to see if he has any additional links.  He says no, but call this number and talk to Tom.  Tell him I sent you.  I call, I talk to Tom, Tom gives me an address and says come by.  He tells me to tell the receptionist that Tom said I could come it and that grumpy over from watch repair had sent me. 

Since it was near our lunch location, we went over.  We had to go up to the second floor of this completely nondescript  building where we located a receptionist behind thick bullet proof glass with security cameras about located about every foot along the wall.  I relay the secret codes, "tom, grumpy man..." and she takes my info (full name, etc.) then says "Please go to the waiting room".  She proceeds to buzz me through to a waiting room.  At this point, the decor changes.  It isn't kind of dumpy anymore, but is becoming pretty darn swanky.  I sit and wait for a minute, when I hear another door buzz and out comes a well dressed gentlemen to escort me in.  We are buzzed back into a showroom that is reminiscent of the Crown Jewels exhibit at the Tower of London.  "Holy crap!" I think to myself,  "This is where really, really, really rich and exclusive people come to buy jewelry!". 

So it turns out they are going to have to order the links because they were slightly changed a few years ago and they didn't have any of mine on hand.  What a total bummer since now I'll have to go back to the swanky top secret jeweler and ogle all their jewels again! 


Samantha said...

ooooooooooooh man! that sounds so fun.

Spotted-Bird said...

You really scared me about Houston's. It is my favorite and I can't imagine it changing. Hopefully all my favorite things are still there.

Abby said...

So funny! I want to go to the top secret store!! I love jewels!

I think Grumpy guy would be so mad at me, I totally wear my watch lose.


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