Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Weekend at Home

As I've mentioned already, this weekend I went to Nocona for my Meme's second 80th Birthday party.  A few of us family members took her out on her actual 80th Birthday, but on Saturday, we had a party with the rest of her kids present as well as friends.  Here are some pics (while viewing, please keep in mind that the church hall that was our venue, was less than pretty)...

Papa and Meme
My Amy, My Uncles' Wives, Nancy & Gina, Mom and Me (left to right)
I made Mom and Dad pose for a pic because they were both coordinating in purple...

Dad said it was twerp week.  Did y'all have twerp week back in High School or was that just a Nocona thing?  If you didn't, one day in twerp week was dress alike day.
This was pre-party at the house... Dad & Milly watching T.V.
After the party, it was pool time!
My cousins, Maddie and Gracie were staying with my other grandma and they came over to swim.

These girls crack me up because they are such fancy city girls.  I was ordering their dinner from Dairy Queen and they wanted chocolate shakes.  Gracie said, "get it with extra whipped cream!".  I had to say, "Oh honey, it's Dairy Queen, they don't do whipped cream on milk shakes."  "Oh," she said, with a puzzled look on her face.


Abby said...

Oh honey it's Dairy Queen they don't do whip cream...and they make their shakes out of soft serve...gasp!! Cracked me up!

Abby said...

Your grandma's cake was so pretty!!

Mom said...

We lucked out and the cake was actually yummy! We don't have a choice of good bakeries around Nocona.

Ann said...

The cake was beautiful!!

And the pool looks like great fun. Glad everything with Lola worked out!


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