Friday, August 13, 2010

Commercials I Love

I generally hate commercials and never watch them, but every now and again, some will come around that I LOVE.  Currently I'm loving the Zappos commercials.  Have you seen them?  They take actual calls and then have muppets act them out.  They are just so darn funny because you can't imagine calling and saying these things!  Here are my three favs:

This is probably the one I can relate to the most!

While I didn't get home until 8 p.m. tonight ( I had to go to Waco to the Children's Home), I'm so glad that it is Friday!!!  Have a great weekend!


Ann said...

I love those. Personally, I love the "emotionally ready" one. That cracks me up!!

Holly said...

Ha! The emotionally ready one is my favorite!

Abby said...

I'm an emotionally ready girl myself. Everytime one of those commercials is on it cracks me up. I love where they pan to the "boy" muppets on the Jesse commercial!


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