Sunday, August 29, 2010

Cupcakes, Shopping and Award Show...Oh My!

This weekend has been made up of several of my favorite things...cupcakes, shopping and award shows!

Let me recap...

I was never so happy to see a week come to an end as I was on Friday!  It wasn't that it was a particularly bad week, but it was just the longest week in history.  Hopefully this week I will be back in the swing of things and be used to leaving my house by 6:30 three morning a week. 

On Friday, after I was done with school, court and some other work, I headed down to Dallas.  I had two rings that were being re-sized (seems my knuckles are bigger and my fingers fatter) and I went down to  pick those up.  While there, I made a run to Society Bakery. 

I had been wanting to pay them a visit.  They've been voted best cupcakes in Dallas and some of the best in the country, so I thought I needed to give them a try.  I got 4 different ones and Jennifer and I sampled them all.
They aren't particularly pretty, but they were pretty good.  They still don't top J. Rae's from Fort Worth.

On Saturday, my Mom came to town for lunch and shopping.  Apparently my Dad told her he was sick of seeing her wear the same tops to all the dances they attend, and told her to go shopping.  After lunching at PF Changs, we hit up several stores and got her some cute new stuff.  I didn't get much... I got a skirt at Ann Taylor Loft for $4.88 and a sleep shirt/tank for $3 and change to match some sleep shorts I bought earlier this week.  I was a big spender!  My Mom bought me this adorable cupcake keyring that I had been waiting on Coach to bring to the outlet!
My Lola dog Coach keychain had broken earlier this year and I've been wanting this one as a replacement.

Today, I'm doing a whole lot of nothing to prepare for another busy week.  I'm watching One Tree Hill and then tonight Live from the Red Carpet and The Emmys.  You know I love an award show!


Holly said...

I haven't made it to Society Bakery. How was the chocolate? Chocolate with vanilla icing {black and whites} are my absolute favorite.

OMG, I've been waiting on a chance to get my hands on that Coach Cupcake key chain! Where is there an outlet?

Scrappy Girl said...

PFChangs...retail therapy...cupcakes...COACH! You live the good life...


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