Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Gift Wrap

I Love Gift Wrap.  I have more than any normal person needs.  If ever I wasn't having to use one of my bedrooms as a home office, I might be inclined to have a gift wrap/hobby room.  But right now I just have a gift wrap closet...a very small closet in my guest room.  Because it is very small and guests seem to expect to be able to hang up a piece or two of their clothes when they visit, I had to get it very organized.  Here is a photo tour...

Now, for the record, I always wrap a gift.  By wrapping a gift, I mean old school...boxes, paper, etc.  I hardly ever use a gift bag.  But there is the occasion when something is odd shaped and you might need to use a bag.  I had a great idea recently.  Let me show you...
This happens every single time!  Someone is so nosey and a photo hound.
Okay Lola, move out of the way and I'll take your photo...

Now back to my idea...
This is a gift that I just wrapped for a friend's upcoming birthday.
They are selling these bags at Hobby Lobby now.  They are reusable shopping bags.
I got one a while back and love it, so when I had a larger/odd size gift to wrap, I thought
why not get a bag that is reusable.  They have this style, but probably about 5 other styles too.
Really, it isn't any more expensive than most gift bags, so I wanted to share my idea with you.


Scrappy Girl said...

I love that idea. I have been collecting a few reusable bags so I can eventually start using only them at the grocery store. The Disney store has some great ones for kiddos!

Abby said...

At a recent birthday I noticed some people that were using them for gifts. Such a better idea than the traditional gift bag! I love it.

You always have the most beautiful wrapped gifts and I do love them. I try to always wrap kid gifts because I cherish that memory as a kid and kids mostly only get gift sacks now. Kind of sad!

Holly said...

I'm crazy about wrapping paper too. I thought about getting a job at The Container Store during my Undergraduate so I could get a discount on their amazing Christmas paper!

I love the idea of the reusable bag, but I too prefer the old school way of really wrapping a gift.

We should totally post up our Christmas wrapping this year. You should do a tag or McLinky for it!

Emilymud said...

Love it, actually a few of our wedding gifts were wrapped this way. I thought it was a super ideal.


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