Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Gratitude-aka: iphone disaster update

My heart is overflowing with gratitude for a guy named Jason who works at Apple.  I got through to Jason yesterday and after begging and pleading and generally sounding pathetic, he agreed to take my cause to the higher-ups. 

Basically, he managed to get approval for them to do a phone swap...send me a brand new phone and I send back my shattered mess of a phone at no cost.  All of this was accomplished because I had been having an issue with my original phone and he argued that they were still working on the issue that I was having and they hadn't really determined that I didn't need to send the old one back for a replacement anyway, so they should just do a swap now.  He got approval at about 8ish last night, but the department that sends out new phones was closed, so he couldn't check to see if they have any in stock.

I just heard from him and they do have them in stock, so they are sending my new phone out today or tomorrow at the latest.  Jennifer's husband got a new iphone and wasn't stupid like I was, so he kept his old 3G instead of selling it on Craigslist.  So I got his activated today and am using it until my new fairy godmother comes in.

To answer some of the questions...

(1) Yes I had a case on it.  I actually had bought the case about 5 mintues before dropping it in the parking lot.  Problem is, most cases do nothing to protect the face of the phone.

(2) Yes, I know all about Otterboxes.  I have been resisting the otterbox because of it's size.  I tease my friend Suzanna who has an Otterbox on her 3GS and tell her that it is essentially a Hummer covering her phone.  Also they only come in black right now for the Iphone 4.  Black...blech!  I did just sit on hold for 15 minutes to ask the question of when colors are coming out.  I was told soon.  I went ahead and ordered the black and hope the colors come out soon and I can do a return of the black and a purchase of a color.  Best I can tell, the Otterbox Defender series is the only case that will protect against the screen shatter.  Oh and they are behind 10-14 days, so it will be that long before they ship out. 

All I have to add to this is the following comment:  Is it really a good idea to make a phone out of glass?  Front and Back made of glass?  I mean, REALLY?  I never break phones and this one didn't last 2 months.  Yes, I have my hand issue that let to the dropping, but really, GLASS...


Abby said...

Clearly you are a brilliant and skilled litigator!! Unless Jason came up with that whole plan on his own and then you should encourage him to go to lawschool and then hire him!!

So excited for you about the new phone!

Kelsey Claire said...

I'm glad you are getting a new phone! So great. I am also waiting for the otterbox to come out in colors. I don't want to spend $50 and then have to buy a new one!

The Cooper Family said...

People can make fun of my otterbox all they want, but this is the longest I have had a phone since Bennett was born.

courtney said...

i just got an iphone 4 a couple of weeks ago. this is the first cell phone i've gotten in five years. yes, FIVE YEARS i had that other one!! anyway, in the two short weeks i've had my iphone 4, i've already had problems. i could hear on it fine, but when on the phone, no one could hear me. so, i got it swapped today for a new one. glad they exchanged it and glad everything was restored (including the 80 point words with friends word i had JUST played!), but a pain in the a** to have to make an appt with the genius bar for a brand new phone!--hoping this one lasts a little longer!!


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