Thursday, August 5, 2010

It doesn't pay...

Some days it really doesn't pay to get out of bed.  Yesterday was the text book definition of one of those days. 

To start, my alarm went off (as it was suppose to), and thanks to the 4 hours of sleep I had gotten the night before, woke me from a much needed full night of sleep.  I hit snooze 3 times before grudgingly getting up.  While laying in bed during my 27 minutes of the snooze button repeats, I was listening to Good Morning America where I heard them say that US Weekly is reporting that Cape Cod Chris is going to be the next Bachelor. NOOOOO!  Say it ain't so Cape Cod Chris!  You're too good for that hot mess of reality tv!

After mourning the loss of Cape Cod Chris' soul, I got ready and went to court.  I got to court, only to realize that yesterday when I looked at my calendar, I looked at next week's Wednesday instead of today.  Yeah, that's right.  I didn't have any court scheduled (which yes, means I could have slept as late as I wanted).

I decided since I was up by the jail, I would just pop over and meet with a client that I needed to talk to.  Of course he was located in Cluster 5.  For those of you who haven't visited the Collin County "Motel", and I'm assuming that's most of you, let me tell you about Cluster 5.  To get to Cluster 5, you have to climb a set of stairs, walk down a hallway that is a hallway of nightmares.  I mean, it looks endless.  You walk and walk and walk and walk and walk and it seems like you are never going to get to the end.  Once you do get to the end, you turn right and keep walking.  Once you get to the end of that hallway, you go down a flight of stairs and they will let you in to the Cluster 5 visitation. 

After I got done with that, I went home to do some work.  I then decided to go to The Container Store so that I could get a box to mail a gift in.  When I went out to open the garage door, it started to buckle in the middle of the top panel.  What the heck!  I stopped it, changed it to manual operation and was able to get the door open so that I could get my car out.  I went over to my neighbor's house because he knows someone for everything.  Sure enough he gave me my contact for Overhead Door and I called him to report my troubles.

Then I headed to The Container Store.  On the way, I talked to Lisa.  We decided I was going to pick up Chick-fil-A for lunch and bring it back to my house where she would join me for lunch and borrow some books from me.  I got to TCS, found a perfect box and went to the check out where I opened my purse and realized that my wallet wasn't in there.  Where was it you might be wondering?  In my work bag.  You see the jail wants my Drivers License (and maybe Bar Card if the lady working doesn't know me), so I took my wallet out and put it in my work bag when I went to the jail and forgot to transfer it back into my purse.

The guy at TCS, bless his heart, just gave me the box.  I doubted Chick-fil-A, despite their religious affiliation, would see me  as a good cause for Christian Charity, so I called Lisa and changed the plans.

Due to my neighbor's connections at Overhead Door, I had a repair guy over in about an hour.  Turns out the wheels had gotten stuck because I hadn't been WD-40ing them.  I hadn't what?  Who knows to WD-40 their garage doors?  Apparently men do.  But they don't tell us.  When Mom told Dad, he said, "yeah, I do it all the time".  Next time I talk to my Dad I'm going to suggest that when he texts me about important things like The Bachelorette, he toss in some helpful nuggets about home maintenance too!  That little lack of WD-40ing cost about $175 (and 20 minutes) to fix.  Don't think that the overhead door guy and I didn't have a little discussion about the fact that he makes more per hour than I do as an attorney!

So I spent the rest of the day trying to lay low, stay cool by imagining myself laying on a glacier, and prevent a continuous pattern of FAILS!  Today, I'm hoping things will go a little better.  I'm meeting my grandparents for lunch because it's my Grandfather's 80th Birthday today.  Then tonight I have class...only one week of summer school left!  WOO-HOO!

Also, a little about my music excitement of the week... Ryan Star's 11:59 FINALLY released on Tuesday.  It's only been 4+ years in the making! It's not just me, it's been very well reviewed by lots of music mags, USA Today, Newsday, etc., and it is doing well on the "Pop" category of Itunes.  I'm not really much of a "pop" girl, but that's the category they've put him in.  If it has to be "pop" at all, it's "rock/pop".  Anyway, you can download "Breathe" as the free single of the week on itunes and for a limited time buy 11:59 for $7.99 (though you would be missing out on three songs that are included on the more expensive Deluxe version, one of which, "You and Me" would be a shame to miss out on").


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