Monday, August 2, 2010

Oh NO You Didn't!

A little background is needed here for this story:  I realized earlier this year that I didn't have any health insurance.  I thought I did, but I didn't (LONG story).  I will be able to buy into and join the college's group policy as of January 2011 (or so I've been told), so I got with my insurance agent who hooked me up with a new policy that took effect on March 1st.  Then of course May 9th, rolls around, I almost cut off my finger and need surgery.

Well my new insurance has paid squat, nothing, zilch, nada.  In fact, I've seen that they've been ordering up my records for my ER visit to, I suspect, avoid paying anything at all.  Which is comical because they haven't paid a dime anyway...nothing for ER, ER doc, hand surgeon, surgery center, anesthesia, 12 weeks of physical therapy, etc.

Today I got a letter for my insurance saying that as of February 1, 2011, they are dropping me.  I can only assume because I was so crazy as to make a claim. WHAT?  I've paid you a good sum of cash, you've shelled out a grand total of $50, but not to help me cover any of my expenses, but to order medical records from the ER, and now you want to drop me?  Hell NO!  You do not get to brake up with me crappy insurance company, I WAS GOING TO BREAK UP WITH YOU!!!!  I WAS!  I PLANNED TO BREAK UP WITH YOU FIRST!!!


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courtney said...

UGH!! i hate insurance companies! sounds like you could use a lawyer! ;)


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