Saturday, August 21, 2010


The excitement is building...  I just made all of our dinner, brunch, etc. reservations for the trip to NOLA next month.  I love that moment when you hang up with the very last restaurant...All the stress of "where am I going to eat" is over, the reservations are made and now all that's left is showing up and enjoying it!  I know most people don't fret over such things, but people, I'm serious about it.  I've got a spreadsheet for every single trip mapping out each and every meal!

I also enjoy making reservations for New Orleans because every single place I called said one or more of the following, "We look forward to having you back", "It'll be good to see ya' again darlin'", "Oh, Kara, I've got you here in the system...".  Now I know they don't know me from Adam, but they've got me in their smart little computers and it makes making reservations so darn easy.

So looking forward to K-Paul's, GW Fins, Commanders Palace, and more!


Abby said...

So excited and for the first time ever, I didn't do any of the work!! Best vacation ever!!

Ann said...

I wish I was going!! It sounds amazing!

Scrappy Girl said...

Don't know if you have room, but we LOVED Mother's for breakfast. They boast "World's Best Ham" and after eating there I can't say I would argue with them. I hope you share lots of pics and info. My NOLA trip is in my right hand column of my blog under the Labels section.


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