Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thursday's Ramblings

I have nothing exciting to talk about, so here are a few ramblings going through my mind:

(1) I'm so darn glad it is Thursday, but really wish it were Friday.  I.  Am.  Exhausted!  Seriously exhausted.  First week back in school, it is always tough to get used to a new schedule.

(2) All of my classes are so different.  I always find it interesting.  My 7 a.m. class is made up of mostly high school kids.  They are scared little sheep.  They won't enter the classroom until I get there.  They huddle out in the hallway and wait on me.  I have told them that they can go inside.  I have told them that they give me a heart-attack at 6:50 every morning when I walk up and see them out there because I think the door is locked and I don't have a key!  We'll see if they make any progress tomorrow.

My 8 am class is tardy and 3/4 asleep.  That's all I know about them so far.  They're real dullards.

My Wednesday night class thinks I'm hilarious, but I'm sure I can bore their socks off soon enough.

(3) This weather is HEAVEN!  I'm sad that we are going to creep back into the 90's today, but even that will be 17 degrees cooler than Monday, so who can really complain.

(4) Speaking of weather, have I mentioned that Walmart isn't running their A/C?  I have gone twice in the last two weeks and it has been super hot in there.  I have asked why and was told that corporate won't let them run the A/C.  Huh?  I told them to pass along a message to corporate that Target runs the A/C and as long as it's hot, I'll be going there.  Sadly I haven't gotten the message to Target that they need to carry Lola's Hartz Chew Bones, so I have to keep going back to Walmart.

(5) I finished reading Jane Green's new book last night and it made me cry.  I don't like books that make me cry.

(6) Abby booked the rental car for one day of our trip to NOLA, soooooo now everything is officially set!

(7) One week until football starts!

(8) Dillards has all of it's sale stuff an additional 40% off starting Today!


Ann said...

Are you coming to Lubbock for the football game? Would love to see you! I hate Wal-Mart too. I try never to go there.


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