Thursday, September 2, 2010

Canton Again

Lisa and I trekked out east to Canton for the Trade Days today.  I've never been on a Thursday.  Though not all of the vendors are open, it was heaven.  It was like a private shopping day!  We heard that it was less busy than normal, but I don't know if I can ever go back to Canton on a Friday or Sunday (I long ago ruled out Saturdays, as that is a horrible experience that I hope will be lost from my memory at some point in the future).  We even lucked out and it was very cloudy and though the humidity was at about 500%, it was fairly cool.  It didn't ever do more than sprinkle on us.

I was pretty good and didn't buy too much.  They had adorable Halloween stuff out the wazoo, but I didn't buy anything Halloween related.  See how cute...

Lisa got this little jack'o'lantern man.  I wanted him, but this was the last one
I was sad for about a second that this was the last one, but then I thought I had lost my fairy godmother and immediately plopped down on the floor and dumped out everything from my purse onto the floor.  FGM was located a minute or two later, as she had fallen out of my purse and into the bag in my canton cart.  Whew!

I did get this slightly overpriced hat...
I loved it and could resist.  Due to that humidity that I mentioned, as well as the sprinkles, I wore this the rest of the day.  Maybe because it was totally a hat day or maybe I had just lost my mind, but either way,  I bought another hat...
It was a bargain though!

I got a cute Christmas decoration.  Well let me rephrase, Mom and Dad bought me a cute Christmas decoration to give me for my birthday next month.  It's all neatly boxed up, so I'll show you that in late November!

Also for my birthday, Lisa bought me this shirt.

"Make Cupcakes Not War"

They were out of my size, so they are sending it to her (thus the photos from If The Tiara Fits' website)

Finally, we stopped by a store on the way out of town.  They have tons of stuff, but you can buy ribbon there and they will make you the bows for free.  I got these two made.

Blue to top my bedroom Christmas tree and the Purple for a topper on my Halloween tree.
I also got this puppy ornament.  I think it's really suppose to be a Westie, but I think it looks like Lola. 
What do you think?
Well that's about it for my purchases...Sorry for only using iphone photos!  I'm too darn tired to get the real camera out!  Now I have to go figure out what to teach tomorrow morning...after I eat a fried pie I purchased!

I'm ready for the weekend with an extra day off too!


courtney said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the tech hat! does the vendor you got that from have a website? seriously, i love it!

Emma said...

So excited to see Halloween decorations! And, you're right - the ornament looks identical to your puppy! Very cute!

Abby said...

I am so jealous I can hardly stand it. LOVE the HATS as well. LOVE the shirt and LOVE LOVE the lola ornament. I hate living so far away. I need a Canton trip!!

Did they have aggie hats...we could match/not match on my birthday weekend!!

Scrappy Girl said...

The fleur de lis hat would be perfect for NOLA. I totally cracked up at the look on Lola's furry does look like her.


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