Monday, September 27, 2010

Final Day of NOLA Vacation- {Last Monday}

We got an early start on Monday because we were renting a car and heading out of town to see as many plantations as possible.  There's no food info in this post because, well, our food choices were based on speed or the airport, so we had McDonalds and Subway.  Please keep in mind that I really did edit down the number of photos...I promise!

First, we went to Houmas House in Darrow, Louisiana...

It's one of my favorites...
Why they had to have the stupid blue tractor parked out front, I'll never know!
The side of the house...

Houmas House is now owned by a very eccentric man.  He has spend tons of money on the gardens.  I could show you a ton of photos of the garden, but I've narrowed it down a little.
There are very majestic live oaks surrounding the house...
I cannot tell you how badly I wish that my live oaks could grow this spanish moss!
Love it!
Our next stop was Nottaway Plantation in White Castle, Louisiana.
It is the largest antebellum plantation in the South...
This is also a B&B and you can actually stay in rooms inside the house.
I think it is totally a house I could have lived in way back in the 1850's because unlike other homes of its time, it had electricity (due to a gas plant on the property), closets, and running water and toilets in its three bathrooms (one on each floor)!
Even though it looks like it was possibly added onto over the years, it wasn't.  It was all built at once.
Next was Oak Alley Plantation in Vacherie, Louisiana.
The Alley of Oaks...

View from the balcony...
Then we planned to go just down the road and visit Laura Plantation, but when we got there we were afraid that their extra long tour would run us too close on time since we had to catch flights that evening.  Then we decided to just go drive by a couple of other plantations.  Several that we have no photos of, but one we did take photos of was Destrehan
You may recognize it from "Interview with a Vampire"
Sadly, at the end of our great plantation tour, we had to leave New Orleans.  I was so sad to return to reality, to normal food, to work, to school, and to laundry.

However, I was happy to return to my little sweetie, Lola Marie!
I think she likes her Otter souvenir from the Aquarium and has already learned his name
{meaning when I say go get your otter, she does...smarty pants!}
The End!


Scrappy Girl said...

Did you all see the one that was used in "The Skeleton Key" movie? Creeeeppppyyy. I can't remember its name.

I love the live oaks. Couldn't you just see Brad Pitt as a vampire eating that ladies poodles beneath Or from Days of Our Lives Bo chasing Hope around and falling together underneath them. Loved it!

courtney said...

what a fun girls' trip! i'm SOOOOOO needing a little vacay!

i've been to new orleans a few times but have never done any of the plantation home tours, but have always wanted to--now i really want to!

Ann said...

Loved the tour!! The homes look beautiful. Thank you for enduring the heat and humidity to give us the tour!


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