Friday, September 10, 2010


I found a shoe that fits! 

My friend Abby told me about some she bought at Luke's Locker and reported that she loves them.  I went over to Luke's today because I had a hunch they might work.  Abby and I have a tendency to be able to wear the same shoe (only I wear one size larger).  Sure enough they worked.  I wanted black...I thought.  But I didn't love the black they had.  So I copied Abby and got the grey and pink.  (Although, I just saw on Amazon that these come in Black with a bright blue swish!  I made need those too!) 

Thanks so much to Abby and Luke's Locker!

Unfortunately, now it's suppose to rain next weekend in Nola and there's no way I'm wearing my new shoes in the rain!


Abby said...

I hope you like them. I have enjoyed them, but to be fair I haven't done a marathon walking event in them but I love how they fit like a glove!

Scrappy Girl said...

Those are so cute. Hope it doesn't rain in NOLA for ya.

Emilymud said...

Funny...I went with Abby when she got hers. I thought they were so cute. Enjoy your new kicks, but not in the rain!


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