Sunday, September 26, 2010

NOLA Day Three {Last Sunday}

Sunday started off with Brunch at the famous Commander's Palace

Abby & I each had identical courses, so that limits the number of photos!  For our appetizer, we had crab and brie grilled sandwiches served with a tomato bisque...
For our main course, we had Eggs Couchon De Lait - Two farm fresh eggs over couchon de lait &
warm buttermilk biscuits with house made bacon and spicy tasso hollandaise
And for dessert...their world famous Bread Pudding Souffle
It's one of my all time favorite desserts!

After stuffing ourselves until we could barely move, we took a walking tour of the Garden District.
We started across the street from Commanders at Lafayette Cemetery Number 1...
Then we took in all the wonderful homes that Americans built after the signing of the Louisiana Purchase...
Every single time I've done this walk, I'm most drawn to this house...
It's not the largest, or most grand, but I love it.
After walking and walking, we decided to take a cab to the World War II D-day museum for a couple of reasons: (1) In all my trips to NOLA, I've never been, and most importantly (2) It was air conditioned!  (It was HOT and HUMID!)

In addition to the museum, we visited the new Victory Theatre across the street to see "Beyond All Boundaries", a 4-D movie that provides you with temperature changes, smells, seat shaking, snow coming down in the theatre, etc.  The brochure said it would be like "being in the war" which caused us a little concern, but the only part that I thought was "bad" was the atomic bomb explosion...I didn't enjoy that!

The museum had a special exhibit about the participation of Animals during the war...
Turns out Abby's dog Bailey (an English Springer Spaniel) and Lola's cousin (Giant Schnauzer) would have been top choices.  We discussed that we would NEVER let Bailey or Lola go to war!
This is from the gift shop and caused me to giggle...
After the museum, we walked to Lee Circle and caught the Street car which we rode to the end in Carrollton and then back again to Canal street. 

For dinner we went to GW Fins.  It was probably our least favorite meal, so I'm not including all the photos.  We had the 3 courses of Lobster.  Our main course was suppose to be stuffed lobster.  We assumed a stuffed lobster tail, but we got the whole lobster!
Neither of us are fans of food that looks like it did while alive!
We decided that none of the desserts really struck us as great, so I called Emeril's French Quarter restaurant, NOLA, to see if they had room for us for dessert.  They said they had two stools at the bar, so we walked on over because I recalled that they always had several dessert choices that sound wonderful.

They did have several, but we chose the banana pudding pie.

After dinner it was time to hit the room to pack up because we wanted to get an early start on Monday morning for our plantation tours.  Stay tuned...


Scrappy Girl said...

I want to spend more time in the Garden District next time we visit. Can't wait to see the plantations. We did Oak Alley cause I SO love those big trees and it was my most prized kodak moment of my trip!

Emilymud said...

Love all the pics...I feel like I have taken the trip with you! So fun!!

Ann said...

Looks like a great trip. The banana pie looks divine!


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