Thursday, September 16, 2010

Random is the name of the game

Today, Random is the name of the game...

(1) I've been in CLE (Continuing Legal Education) all darn day.  It's usually pretty boring, but I would say that only about 2 hours of the 6 hours were boring beyond belief.  From 8:30 to noon, I learned about childhood psychological disorders.  It was entertaining (if you can believe that), but if you had been there it would make you never want to procreate (or procreate again if you've already do that). 

(2) I WD-40'd all of the doors in my house this past weekend.  It's kind of changed my life.  The back door especially.  It had squeaked and been slowly driving me insane until this weekend when it hit me, "Why don't you put some WD-40 on it?".  Duh!  The silence is wonderful, but my bedroom door and my closet door now close spontaneously.  This has caused me to almost run into the closet door on more than one occasion.  It has also proved to be a puppy trap in my bedroom (Milly once, Lola three times).

(3) There is a mosquito in my house that is now the source of my insanity, and possible future diagnosis of  West Nile.  The darn thing keeps biting my feet.  Itchy feet are the worst!

(4) I'm packing tonight and trying to get things ready for the dog/house sitter and substitute professor for Monday's class.  Lola's looking concerned that the luggage is out.  I'm so ready to get away, especially since my Mexico trip in May got cancelled at the last minute.  Sadly NOLA is going to be pretty warm this weekend, but it will still be wonderful.

(5) This weekend is a big football game, so I've totally scoped out all the places where I should be able to watch the Tech game in NOLA. 

I probably won't be blogging again until Tuesday, but will likely be Tweeting on my trip, so if you are on Twitter, follow me to join in on the NOLA fun (Twitter Link on the sidebar).  Have a great weekend!


courtney said...

have a GREAT trip! i'm so jealous!

btw, Pam cooking spray will work like WD40, too--if you ever find yourself without WD40. we're always out of WD40, but always have Pam!

Holly said...

Have a good trip in NOLA - I'm jealous!


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