Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tuesday that's Monday all day

Hope y'all enjoyed your Labor Day. I took the day at it's title and labored.  I spent 6 hours cleaning house.  It was a hazmat zone because I hadn't given it a good all at once cleaning all summer due to my finger ailment.  Now my house is so clean and straight that the only thing standing between me and true contented happiness is muddy puppy paw prints that keep reappearing on my kitchen floor!

I like long weekends, so I don't want to seem like I'm complaining, but I think I prefer long weekends that involve Friday off instead of Monday off.  Even though today is Tuesday, it's seemed like Monday all day long.

I had to go to Dallas this morning.  There was no parking in their parking garage left when I got there except on the very top.  Yep, the uncovered top.  The uncovered top in the pouring rain and gusting wind.  So I headed into the nasty courthouse looking like Shirley Temple (because my hair doesn't friz, but turns into ringlets in the tropical humidity). 

The only bright spot of that trip was that we were in Dallas so long, we got to stop at Red Hot and Blue for lunch on the way back to McKinney.  I love me some pulled pork sandwich with Carolina Sauce!  And don't get me started on their potato salad!

I've spent the rest of the afternoon doing this and that.  The "This" was a little work, a trip to Sam's for stamps (because I prefer it to the Post office AND I wanted to see if they had Christmas Trees in yet...they don't), and the Post Office box to drop some mail.  The "That" was building a chart and inserting all my tv shows that I currently watch and new shows that I'm wanting to try out and the dates that they premier.  Holy cow!  Many premiers are starting next week!  Yea!

I'm currently blogging while we are under a Tornado Warning.  The sirens are going off and Pete Delkus (our ABC weather guy) is on the air.  Dr. Oz is suppose to be making his North Texas ABC debut, but Pete apparently thinks he's more important than Dr. Oz.  I think it's an Oprah complex because Pete was out of town last year when Oprah stopped by to do the 5:30 news and he missed her.  Oh yeah, I'm blogging because Pete tells me that the danger is about 5 miles north of my house, so I'm not taking cover. 

Well anyway, I'm glad it's a short week even though it's seemed like Monday all day.  The good news is that it isn't Monday and tomorrow is already Wednesday!


Kelsey Claire said...

The weather was crazy today! My parents live up in Prosper and they said it rained hard. Luckily in Plano it rained on and off. We were still under the Collin County tornando warning though!

Abby said...

We had a tornado warning here all day too. Of course never know if it's for real or not because we use the sirens for the volunteer fire department and not tornados. I may never understand!

Our flight got delayed, so we couldn't catch our connecting flight, so B and I will try again in the morning! GRRR.

Ann said...

You are a brave woman. I take cover if there is anything within 20 miles of me.


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