Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Are you making a list?

I'm making a list, and checking it twice...

Really, I'm doing pretty good on the Christmas purchases.  I have already checked a few people off my list, and then I purchased two more Christmas presents today.  I have a coupon for another store tomorrow, so that will be another person done.  How is your Christmas/Hanukkah shopping going?

If you need anything from Overstock, and surely you need something for someone from Overstock since they sell just about everything, then I'm providing you a little extra...

A non-expiring code for 10% off! 

One of the things that I love about Overstock is that they only charge $3 for shipping (because I'm cheap like that and hate to pay for shipping)!  Also (I guess depending on where you live), no tax! 

Check out Overstock, they've got something for everyone on your list, even my Mom's Christmas list which consists of gutting her bathroom down to the studs and remodeling... see I can get her faucets there!

Here's the code:  ?121728?    

But wait, there's more (do I sound like an infomercial???).  If you order electronics you can get free shipping with this code:  202234

Happy Shopping!

All the ideas and opinions expressed are my own. No monetary compensation was received for doing this post, however, I was provided with a discount code.


Emilymud said...

Thanks I will use the make me laugh!


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